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Disclaimer for Raging Bull Online Casino

Raging Bull Online Casino is an online casino offering fantastic Welcome Bonuses, exciting online casino games and real money jackpots.
This casino website aims to inform players about Casino Promotions, New Casino Games, Terms and Conditions and more, but we hold no liability for any discrepancies or inaccurate information displayed on this site. We accept no responsibility for any omissions or content errors.

We aim to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information at all times and request that you, the player, notify us immediately of any inaccuracies you may encounter.

We reserve the right to make any amendments to the website at any time, without prior notice and it is the player’s responsibility to regularly check the website for any changes or updates.

Raging Bull Online Casino strives to provide every player with an exceptional online casino experience, but software, server and website issues (bugs, viruses, defects and/or downtime) may occur which is beyond our control.

All promotional, branding and marketing items visible on our website, mails and any other online presence are protected by copyright. Any use of such items without the prior consent of the casino is a direct violation of trademark and copyright laws and is prosecutable by law.

Visiting the Raging Bull Casino website and making use of the casino software is an automatic confirmation that you understand the Terms and Conditions of the casino as well as the risks involved in online gambling, including the risk of losing money you have deposited and wagered. You also understand and confirm that the casino, its staff, any affiliates, contractors, partners and/or companies are in no way responsible or liable for your online actions and/or losses.

It is important to acquaint yourself with the governing laws of your country or region where online gambling is concerned and we urge you to gamble responsibly at all times. You must be of legal gambling age to play at our casino and it is your responsibility to check whether your country of residence permits online casino gambling before you register your account with Raging Bull Online Casino.

Please contact our Support Team for more information or refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

Responsible Gaming at Raging Bull Online Casino

For many players, gambling is a fun and harmless form of entertainment but we do recognize that some members may have difficulty controlling their habits, which may result in risky and damaging behavior. At Raging Bull Online Casino, we go the extra mile to ensure all our players always enjoy safe and responsible online gaming.

Raging Bull Online Casino maintains a strict policy against underage gambling and any such players are immediately removed upon discovery. The implementation of sophisticated Child Protection Software, usage of passwords and close monitoring of users’ account activity assists in restricting inappropriate and irresponsible internet usage.

You can assist us in keeping the casino a safe and secure environment by doing the following:

  • Not leaving your computer/mobile device unattended while logged into the casino software
  • Using a complex password
  • Not allowing underage persons to use the casino software
  • Keeping your credit card details/bank account details in a safe place
  • Employing filtering software and monitoring your children’s internet usage
  • Not sharing your login details with anyone

Our helpful Support Team is available round-the-clock to assist you with any issues or difficulties you may encounter during your playtime.

Fair Gaming at Raging Bull Online Casino

Raging Bull Online Casino is dedicated to providing all our registered online casino members with fair and reliable online gaming. It is our aim to ensure players have a safe and trustworthy experience every time they log in and place a bet, playing with fair odds which are in no way manually directed or directly affected by the casino.

Our casino is powered by industry-leading software developer, Realtime Gaming. RTG is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) and the Interactive Gaming, Gambling and Betting Association (IGGBA).

The casino software undergoes regular and thorough testing by Technical Systems Testing (TST), an independent organization with no affinity to any casinos or their software operators. This testing ensures that our gaming structures and procedures are always of the highest industry standards.

All online casinos operated by Realtime Gaming use a Random Number Generator (RNG) which yields a high-speed flow of randomly generated numbers to produce your bet results. In this regard, Raging Bull Online Casino guarantees that no outcome of any bet is predetermined or predicted.

You are also entitled to access your detailed transaction and gaming history at any time to review and monitor your player action and progress.

Privacy Policy of Raging Bull Online Casino

Raging Bull Online Casino holds your privacy, integrity and safety of your Personally Identifiable Information in high regard. Our stringent Privacy Policies are there to give you the added peace of mind that all your transactions are safe-guarded.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is defined as and includes full name, email address, residential address, telephone numbers, birthdate, debit/credit card details, and any other information captured during your registration process or via surveys/mails. In addition, PII may also include faxed or scanned identification documents, utility bills and/or driver’s licence. This is all the information required from you, by the casino, to complete any and all online transactions.

Your PII is only collected, used and accessed to engage in legitimate business operations and stringent security procedures are followed at all times to ensure the safety of your PII.

We need your PII to:

  • Complete the player registration of your Real Money account.
  • Process all transactions and enquiries.
  • Provide efficient player support.
  • Send relevant marketing and promotional information.
  • Keep you updated about casino news, changes or additions.

We reserve the right to request, verify, access and use any player’s PII at any time.

We endeavor to respect your privacy at all times, but be aware that we may be required to share you PII with third parties in order to give you the best, hassle-free casino experience.

We may, in some instances, be provided with any such PII from other third parties with whom you have previously shared and disclosed such data.

When any player wins big at our RTG casino, we reserve the right to publicize, print or announce such an event on our website or through other media avenues. To protect your privacy, we make use of only your initials for any promotional or public purposes. You may be requested to submit a comment or image, but you are in no terms obligated to do so.

Raging Bull Online Casino may make use of ‘cookies’ to efficiently assist players when using our online casino. A cookie is a specific file stored on your computer or mobile device which allows us to keep track of your casino use and activities, to modify our services to better suite your needs.

It is your responsibility as a player to familiarize yourself with the casino policies and to regularly check the website for any changes or additions.

Raging Bull Online Casino’s Privacy Policy is in place to protect you, our player, and ensure that you always play with peace of mind.

Security at Raging Bull Online Casino

At Raging Bull Online Casino you are assured of the safest online gaming experience.

Sharing personal information online is always a concern, but we are dedicated to making sure you are protected at all times.

Information supplied by you is stored on a high-tech server guarded by the most recent and up-to-date firewalls. As a player, you are required to create your own, personal Username and Password which will be used every time you log in to your account.

We use the most sophisticated RSA public/ private encryption technology to safeguard your private information when making your transactions. This technology is a globally trusted tool used by major financial institutions.

An IP address is used to identify you as a player and also to inform us and diagnose any server issues, but your online casino activity – deposits/ withdrawals, etc. – remains strictly confidential.

All you need to do is log in and enjoy your gaming experience with Raging Bull Online Casino, without any worries. You take care of the winning and we keep you covered and protected all the way.

Please log in for live chat help, or leave us a message